Expert Witness Case #1, Part 2

Earlier this week we saw the first part of Case #1, covering expert witness opinions from 4 different physicians.

Today we’ll see 5 more opinions, all from the defense. 4 of these are physician opinions (EM, critical care, pathology, infectious disease), with a pharmacist’s opinion as well.

The case concerns a pregnant 37-year-old physician (Dr. R) who suffered a septic abortion and ultimately died. Check out the first part of Case #1 here for a refresh of the facts of the lawsuit.

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The EM expert for the defense submitted this opinion. It is short and to-the-point in true EM fashion.

The critical care expert witness is an ICU doctor and chair of medicine at a prestigious east coast institution.

The pathology expert witness was given pathology reports and slides to review.

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The final physician expert witness was an infectious disease specialist.

Finally, a pharmacist was hired to review the antibiotic selection and the issue with the alleged delay in dispensing and administering the gentamicin.

As disclosed in the first post, the case was settled for an undisclosed sum.

While this case required extra reading to cover 9 different expert witness opinions, most cases will be a much faster read, only involving one or two expert witnesses.

Next week’s case is about a 68-year-old man with a history of MI. His nurse practioner ordered a stress test, which was reviewed by multiple cardiologists. After the patient suffered a bad outcome, 3 doctors (but not the nurse practioner) are sued. The expert witness opinion was written by a board-certified cardiologist.

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